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Eco Tours BarcelonaEco Tours Barcelona: Here at Tourisimo we’re experiencing a huge increase in the number of enquiries for eco tours.

It seems that many more people are looking for an ecological tour experience which a Barcelona city bus tour or hop-on-hop-off tour does not provide.

Tourisimo meets this gap in the market by providing eco-friendly, guided tours using 100% electric cars, which take two people and which clients drive themselves.

A guide in another vehicle leads the group up and out of the city to the Natural Park of Collserola where you can experience nature, open spaces and the best sightseeing and photography opportunities which the city has to offer.

Cool Tours Barcelona

Tourisimo always welcomes young people. We’ve had many children who have toured in the back seat with their parents driving our Renault Twizy electric cars.

The kids love the experience and it’s so much better than standing in endless queues and suffering the crowds and heat of the city centre.

For parents with children looking for things to do in Barcelona TOURSIMO is always a fantastic option. There are many things to see in Barcelona but the best views are from the Collserola hills, which rise up just outside the city.

Because we always have a guide to lead our tours, we have very generous age restrictions on who can drive our elecrtric cars.

Anyone 18 years or over, with a full driver’s licence which is valid in Europe is welcome to drive our cars.

This week two fine young men from the UK had been turned down by other companies because they were only 18 years old.

At TOURISIMO that was not a problem. They had a great time diving the cars over the winding, country roads of the Collerola Natural Park and were amazed with the incredible views form the “miradores” or scenic lookouts which overlook Barcelona.

They suggested that TOURISIMO changes its name to “Cool Tours Barcelona”.

Barcelona guided tours english

Barcelona receives visitors from almost every country in the world, and you can hear many different languages in the streets of the city. While Barcelona sees many Spanish speaking domestic visitors the overwhelmingly most common request is for Barcelona guided tours in English.

At Tourisimo we speak Spanish, Catalan, English and a little French, with other languages communicated by sign language and a frightening quantity of hand movements and facial expressions.

Suffice to say that we have never lost a guided tour because of language problems. While the majority of travellers use English when not in their own country, it is, of course not universal.

As with our visitors from Ukraine last week, we can always get by with good humour, cooperation and a few laughs along the way.

Private guided tours Barcelona

At Tourisimo Barcelona we have a schedule of tours each day for very small groups, but we always try to cater for individuals too.

If anyone wants a private guided tour of the city with exclusive use of a guide, we are very happy to oblige. The route can be varied to accommodate the wishes of the client and we always try to offer a tailor-made experience.

Many of our clients, when considering what to do in Barcelona and what tour to take advantage of, appreciate the option to drive themselves, it is often said that they find it so much more individual than a bus tour of Barcelona or one of the many other tour formats for large groups.

What to do in Barcelona / What to see in Barcelona

The Catalan capital is truly a city of a thousand and one attractions. From the Barcelona beaches to Las Ramblas, to the old parts of the city with the Roman walls, the various excavation sites with their re-discovered mosaics and architecture to the chic shopping area of Passeig de Gracia, Barcelona has a lot to offer.

Who hasn’t heard of Antoni Gaudi and his obsessively detailed, architectural master-pieces which adorn the city.

La Casa Mila, La casa Batlló, the beautiful Park Güell and of course, the iconic, La Sagrada Familia, these jewels should never be missed on a visit to Barcelona. El Born, El Raval and the Gothic quarter in the city centre are full of fascinating places to visit but it does get very crowded and hot in summer.

If ever you’re looking for an escape, the hills of the Collserola Natural Park provide cool open spaces with a fresh breeze where you can look down on the city and many of its famous sites.

To rise above El Camp Nou and be able to see over MontJuïc to the blue Mediterranean Sea is a different experience for many. So, as a different and exciting alternative to tredding the well-worn tourist track, try a self-drive, guided tour with Tourisimo Barcelona.

You will have a unique and fantastic experience, and have some great memories and photos to take home.

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