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Like most Mediterranean cities, driving cars in Barcelona has its challenges. Those who do drive cars in Barcelona are often considered brave, fool-hardy or sometimes even crazy. Having driven in other areas of Mediterranean region can safely say Barcelona aint that bad. The majority of the drivers of cars in Barcelona are quite civilized and even courteous, that is, if you know where you are and where you’re going. It seems that hesitation is the most heinous of crimes here and you will be severely “beeped” for even thinking about it. Yes, you may happily speed down the avenues, cross lanes at the most inappropriate moments, press on through a red light or jump seconds before your lights turn green, just as long as you don’t hesitate.

As public transport in here is excellent to drive a car in Barcelona is not even very necessary. If you in insist on driving in Barcelona your number one headache, of course, will be finding a place to park. At close to 5.00€ per hour (or part thereof) in most of the municipal car-parks and almost all streets designated as resident’s parking or otherwise restricted you’ll be very lucky to find a spot that is not going to cost you a fortune. The parking problem becomes particularly acute as you near the centre of the city. And of course, if want to drive a car to any of Barcelona’s famous sights or monuments you will need deep pockets or a lot of luck. 

Often to find the best places to visit in Barcelona it’s better to leave the car in a car-park and set out on foot. Rather than drive a car into the city why not choose the regional train service, the metro, the tram network or one of the many busses.

There are also many tours available. You can find packaged tours from most outlying areas and once you are in Barcelona you can take your pick of hundreds of different touristic experiences. There multiple bus tours, there walking tours, there are tours in a Ferrari on one hand and tours in electric cars on the other. The company TOURISIMO.es will take you on a guided tour from their base close to the famous Park Güell to the hills of Collserola overlooking Barcelona, and even to the telecommunications tower, La Torre de Collserola which stands 560 meter a.s.l. With TOURISIMO.es you can drive one of a fleet of electric two-seat micro cars and follow a company guide to tour the park Natural de Collserola and get some of the best views, sightseeing and photo opportunities which the Barcelona has to offer.

However, if you prefer to drive a car in Barcelona you just might find that it’s not as intimidating as you thought. Keep up with the traffic, go with the flow and you’ll be fine. Other car drivers here will generally give you some space and as long as you keep it moving will mostly treat you OK. Just remember a beep or indeed a full blast on the horn means, “I’m here, I hope you saw me”, of maybe “could you move up a little please, I ran that last red light and my arse is hanging out over the junction”.  It does not mean, “I want to get out and have a fist fight at the next set of lights you pr*ck” as it does in the UK or US.

So come to this fair city, and if you can’t choose a tour and you don’t like public transport, then by all means drive your car in Barcelona without undue worry. Just remember to arrive at the best places to visit in Barcelona about two days early, sufficient time to find a car-park. If you’re lucky.

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