Drive an electric car in Barcelona

If you would like to drive an electric car,
If you do not know its advantages in Barcelona,
If you feel that the environment deserves more respect…

We will wait for you on the street Carrer de Sostres, 17, Barcelona.
Come and clear all your doubts! Also, you can try one of our Twizy.

Cheer up, we are waiting for you!

Drive an electric car in Barcelona Spain

With energy use, and its residual negative effects on the planet becoming more of an issue every day, we see an increase in government’s willingness to introduce measures aimed at tackling what’s generally considered, to be a worsening situation.

In Barcelona, the government has chosen to restrict the movement of vehicles based on fuel type and vehicle age.

Cars are now segregated into four categories and will encounter a system of tiered restrictions to enter the city when levels of CO2 and suspended particulates are deemed to be high.

Petrol vehicles registered before 2000 and diesels before 2006 will not even qualify for the categorised system so will not receive further mechanical fitness certification.

With its estimated 14% contribution to greenhouse gasses in the western world, the car is a significant contributor but by no means the worst and this is a figure that is likely to improve further as more and more of us drive an electric car.

Of course, this class of vehicle, the electric car, does not feature on the list of polluters, if you drive an electric car like a Renault Twizy, which is 100% electric, not even a highbred it is of course completely emission free.

You may tour Barcelona at will and go sightseeing to your heart’s content, safe in the knowledge that you are in no way contributing to the degradation of the city’s air quality.

Drive an electric car in Barcelona – Come and try our Twizy!

As our city’s streets are typically full of traffic, to choose to go Barcelona city sightseeing by car is not always the best choice there are busses, trams and a very good metro system to get you around.

If you want the independence and freedom to see Barcelona city’s sights at your own pace there’s no better and more ecologically friendly way to do it than to drive a electric car.

Tourisimo has the perfect answer with a fleet of Renault Twizy 80, two seater, electric micro-cars.

These diminutive vehicles are ideal in city traffic, agile and powerful enough to keep up with other vehicles and allowed to park for free in most public parking places.

They really are a fantastic Barcelona City sightseeing car.

If you want to enjoy a quiet, green, zero-emission journey and so have confidence you’re doing your bit for the planet drive an electric car, the world will smile at you.

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