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Tours, tours, in Barcelona tours, walking tours, free tours, free walking tours, bike tours, segway tours, tapas tours, good tours, dodgy tours. There are so many tours to choose from in Barcelona that one would be forgiven for not being able to choose any and opting instead to toddle around and tour Barcelona by yourself. You can do that easily enough anyway, just follow all the other tour groups, they know where they’re going.

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Fortunately, the Barcelona tourist scene is mature and there are some pretty good operators out there who know where to go and what to see, and sometimes as importantly, when to go. Avoiding the worst of the crowds is half the battle. Some tours like Photo Bike Tour leads you on a relaxing route through the older parts of the city and, as the name suggests, focuses on providing some interesting back-drops and photo opportunities. The owner of Photo Bike Tour, Afredo a Barcelona native and travel enthusiast who knows the city outside-in will find you something interesting for sure.  Other tours stay more to the well-trodden paths. There are some free walking tours, which are technically free but a reasonable tip is very much expected at the culmination of the tour. Beware of the stooge who steps forward loudly offering a 20€ note so everyone else in the group feels compelled to quickly change the few coins they were about to give into something more substantial. So beware the Free Tour Barcelona sign, there are quite a few old tricks at player all.

Traffic in Barcelona is, well, some would say interesting, some would say hectic and some would deem it down-right dangerous. I’ve driven in many Mediterranean cites and Barcelona is by no means the worst.

Barcelona Tours

Would you do a Barcelona city tour?

Having said that a self-drive, Barcelona car tour may not be the most settling experience of your holiday. There are of course any number of chauffeur driven options and of course the omnipresent open topped tourist busses which circulate the city on a “hop on, hop off” basis. There are also tours provided by Tourisimo, from their base close to the famous Park Güell. They take you on a guided tour to the Collserola natural park at the back of the city and even the iconic Collserola telecommunications tower, La Torre de Collserola, Customers drive two-seater, 100% electric Renault Twizys following a guide on an electric scooter on a tour of between 1.5 and 2 hours depending if you go up the tower or not. That way you get your Barcelona City Tour driving yourself but you have the comfort of a guide to show you the way. Nobody likes getting lost aft

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