You may well ask yourself, what are the best Barcelona tourist attractions?

The answer to that question could well hinge of what type of tourist you are. If you’re a 20s something party animal you may well say that Barcelona’s main attractions are the bars and clubs of Raval, Born, Bari Gotic and Port Vell. If you’re slightly more mature with perhaps a young family you might class Barcelona’s tourist places as the amusement park of Tibidabo, high on the Collserola hills, it’s the oldest working amusement park in Europe having been opened in the year 1900. You might take tour or a day-trip down the coast to Port Aventura, a modern theme park to rival Disneyworld. Or you might just want to relax somewhere along Barcelona’s miles of city-front beaches.

Barcelona attractions

For an older person, or one with interests other than beaches and bars, Barcelona is a real gem. Now when you ask “Barcelona, what to see?” it’s better to ask, “Barcelona, what to see first”. From the world-famous modernist architecture like La Casa Batllo, La Casa Mila, or of course, the iconic, Gaudi masterpiece, La Sagrada Familia, to world leading futuristic architecture and design, Barcelona has it all. You may find yourself lost on the labyrinth of alleyways in the old centre where you can still find some hidden away shops and bars, or you may prefer the wide avenues of capitalist debauchery where you can always find a pair of ear-rings for 15,000€ or watches starting at 100K.

Barcelona attractionsIf you are more of a down to earth person, or maybe even a little green, there is always the Park Natural de Collserola. This beautiful, natural park borders the city to the North and North-west and can be reached from the upper part of the city in minutes. You could take a guided tour driving an electric car with the company Tourisimo. During the tour you don’t even need to think, Barcelona, what to see, your guide will take care of that for you. You will experience rural Barcelona and be guided to the best observation points and lookouts which the area has to offer. With Tourisimo on weekends you may even include a visit to the tele-communications tower which sits on the highest hill overlooking the city as part of you tour. La Torre de Collserola has a viewing deck which is 560 meters above sea level and from which the views and photo opportunities are second to none.

So when someone asks you where to go in Barcelona you should really reply by asking them what kind of tourist they are. Then you can offer them a package of tourist attractions which can be tailored to meet any and every taste.

Barcelona tourist attractions can really meet every need.

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