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Clean, Green Things to do in Barcelona

Clean, Green Things to do in BarcelonaBarcelona, like many cities in the developed world is being proactive in the fight against pollution and poor air quality. Even though the days of heavy industry in Barcelona have long since passed the local geography, population density and private vehicle use are all factors which negatively affect [...]

What to do in Park Güell

What to do in Park Güell Most cities, and certainly most tourist cities have at least one park which is frequented by visitors and locals alike, and Barcelona is no exception. It may indeed be no exception, but Barcelona is exceptional in that it’s most famous park, Park Güell, in the district of [...]

Eco Tours Barcelona

Eco Tours Barcelona Eco Tours Barcelona: Here at Tourisimo we’re experiencing a huge increase in the number of enquiries for eco tours. It seems that many more people are looking for an ecological tour experience which a Barcelona city bus tour or hop-on-hop-off tour does not provide. Tourisimo meets this gap in the [...]

Things to do in Barcelona

THINGS TO DO IN BARCELONAWhat a great start to the season. Even though the weather has not been the best, the tour season has started with a bang. Barcelona is filing up with visitors from all over the world and the bus tours, and hop-on-hop-off tours are as popular as ever as everyone wonders [...]